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Challenge: None
Prompt: Angst
Title: Friends Don't Let Their Friends Do Stupid Things Only When It's Comedic

Even if it was just a fake dream she was always reaching for it. )
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[In a certain country, there is a certain city where there is a certain building that is the Yorozuya on the second floor above a certain bar. There is someone on that second floor repeatedly knocking on the door. Well, the knocking has stopped, but outside, there is a mysterious item... And no one is outside except--]

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[At the Doll House, Shinku has just finished her afternoon nap and opens the door to find...]

... Yusuke? What are you doing here?
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Okay future posts list for Shinku. Man, LJ, wth is wrong with you today.

- Conversation with the blow up dolls Hina Ichigo brought home. Such promiscuous company lol.
- **Need to contact Syao** It looks like the Tree of the World is here
- **''** Dream invasion! Let's go heal us some souls!
- Nightmare about Suigintou again. ;w;
- F-Feeling tired needs to be rewound-- will be worried about Hina getting tired because of her.
- Will show off her somewhat playful/bratty side by spraying everyone with a water gun 8D; sob manga

And that's all for now /o
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For future reference of course /o/

Saaaaaaah, that's all for now.


Oct. 17th, 2007 01:59 pm
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Don't know if I need to add more, but eh.
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I-I was going to write drabbles, but I couldn't be motivated until I saw the one liners so... Here you go!

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There are some limits to how much I allow you to abuse her. :}

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W-Wanted to do this meme cause orz, this IS my first character and she's important to me D: And she's been here for a while now so might as well give some background info for people who are new.



May. 22nd, 2007 03:23 pm
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I am Shinku yet I am not.

Yeah, I guess this works. :D
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